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Zen Yoga for YOU

Lizzy's yoga classes combine warm ups, mindful movement, yoga postures, breathing exercises and a guided relaxation session.  

Lizzy's intention is to guide you towards increased strength, flexibility and balance in your body and to nurture stillness and contentment in your mind.  Our yoga practice together aims to bring us into the present moment and guide us home to our true nature. 


We start where YOU are (rather than where you think you ought to be), it's non-competitive, invigorating and we like to laugh too.  Postures can be adapted and modifications offered to enable you to enjoy yoga at your pace and to find that all important balance between effort and ease.

1:1 yoga
1:1 Yoga

Personal yoga tuition tailored to your goals and health requirements.  Great for you if you feel you'd like to develop a bit of confidence before joining a regular yoga class or if you like the privacy and flexibility of choosing a time and venue that suits you.  Contact Lizzy to book your free consultation.

Yoga in the workplace

Keeping your staff happy and well doesn't just benefit them but increases productivity, reduces sickness and builds strong teams full of focused individuals. Contact Lizzy to find out how you can set up classes for your staff.  


Read here to find out how regular yoga classes have benefited engineers at Ove ARUP.

Wild Yoga (outdoors)

Feel the earth beneath your feet and connect with nature at our impromptu "wild yoga" sessions during the warmer months.  


Keep an eye on our Facebook page so that you don't miss out on practicing zen yoga with us under the wide blue sky. 

What is Zen Yoga?

 Zen yoga began in the temples of Japan where the monks performed yoga-like exercises to loosen up and prepare for the long periods of seated meditation.  It's roots stretch back two and a half millenia through China and India to the Buddha.  


There's lots of emphasis on mindful movement and correct physical alignment to enable the free flow of energy (or Qi) in the body.  Zen yoga works with the energy meridians to bring our bodies in tune with the seasons.


The yoga Lizzy shares in her classes combines hatha yoga practices with zen yoga wisdom to give you a unique yoga experience every time you step onto your mat.

Benefits of Yoga 

Improved posture


Better sleep

Better balance

Improved coordination

Core strength

Increased flexibility

Stronger bones

Weight management

Improved respiration

Balanced blood pressure

Increases immunity

Relieves depression

Inclusive Yoga

Lizzy's vision is for yoga to be accessible to EVERYONE.  She has experience of teaching yoga and mindful movement for people with learning disabilities and has found this group can really benefit from the increased mobility, confidence and relaxation that yoga offers.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Our pregnancy yoga classes are suitable for ladies from 16 weeks and include yoga postures, mindful movement, breathing techniques and a long and nurturing relaxation session.  We allow plenty of time at the end of the session for our mums to chat over tea and healthy nibbles.  Our intention is to help women to enjoy yoga safely throughout their pregnancy and then go on to have positive and empowering birthing experiences.


"The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy; they come when the mind is still"

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