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Some signs YOU might need massage . . .
  • You're feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or burnt out
  • You're in pain or don't have full range of motion
  • You're getting headaches
  • Having trouble sleeping?
  • You're sedentary for most of the day
  • You're training hard or work a really physical job
  • You have poor posture
  • You're an awesome, hardworking parent who needs time to retreat and be nurtured
  • You've never had a massage (if you don't try it you'll never know)

Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes @ £40
90 minutes @ £60
2 hour "time-out" session @ £80
A mixture of swedish and deep tissue massage techniques to relax, nurture and re-invigorate.  You can choose where you'd like your massage session to focus on during consultation:  Eg, focus on back, neck, head and shoulders or back body, legs and feet . . . 

. . . or . . . if its a full body massage you're after then book a 1.5 or 2 hour session.

Your session time includes a
short consultation/check-in and time to dress afterwards.

Contact Lizzy to discuss your requirements.
Please note:  I treat male clients by referral only.
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Thai Yoga Massage

60 minutes @ £45
90 minutes @ £70
2 hour "time-out" session @ £90
Thai yoga massage is a powerful therapy for mind, body and spirit.  This massage is floor based and combines acupressure with applied (gentle) yoga stretching.  It is deeply relaxing and invigorating.   This style of massage is ideal for those who prefer to stay fully clothed.


30 minutes @ £20
1 hour @ £35
Ask Lizzy about home treatments 
Deeply relaxing foot massage to stimulate blood circulation and the nervous system.  Reflexology balances the body, enhances natural energy flow and cleanses the system.  
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