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Nordic Walking

Steppin' Out

Beginners Skills Workshop

Come along and learn the basics.  A 2.5 hour session (1:1 or small group) will give you the skills you need to get out and practice on your own. 

Group Nordic Walks

Get out in the fresh air and hone your Nordic Walking skills (1:1 or in a group).

With Lizzy Davison

(qualified Nordic Walking Instructor with British Nordic Walking) 

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking experience.  It combines the simplicity and accessibility of walking with core and upper body conditioning using a technique similar to cross-country skiing.  The result is a full body work out which can be enjoyed at many levels and for all age groups.

Workshops and walks
Is it for me?

Nordic Walking is great for anyone who wants to keep fit with minimum impact on the joints; it's a great way to lose weight whilst boosting those happy hormones (endorphins).  If you're recovering from illness or injury, maybe you're an athlete who wants to cross train, or you just want to get out into the fresh air and make new friends then Nordic Walking could be just right for you.

Next steps

So, you've decided you want to give Nordic Walking a go . . . the next thing you need to do is book onto one of Lizzy's Beginner Workshops in one of our beautiful Peak District locations, where you'll learn all the basic skills you need to get you started. 


After that you'll be able to go out and practice your new skills.  Plans are afoot for social / nature walks where Lizzy will be available to help you to fine tune your skills and learn the full advanced techniques.   So watch this space and keep your eye on our Facebook page for events near you.

You won't need any special equipment for our sessions as we provide poles for you to use . . just show up in clothing to suit the weather (layering is good so that you can easily moderate your temperature).  We recommend trainers or running shoes rather than walking boots.  You'll need a small rucksac for waterproofs, a drink and your valuables but please ensure that it allows complete freedom of movement for your arms.  Be sure to turn up 10 minutes before the start so we can size up the right poles for you.  

Beginner Skills Workshop - (includes pole hire) 

This is a 2.5 hour group session where you'll learn the basics of Nordic Walking so you can go out and start practicing your skills, and the session includes:

  • Introductions

  • Warm up and basic skills instruction

  • A short nordic walk out to the cafe to practice what you have been learning with lots of time to talk, ask lot of questions and get help with your technique.  

  • Tea break - opportunity for discussion and perusing video clips of your walk so you can work on your technique on the walk back.

  • Drills to help you with technique

  • Cool down to finish the session

Nordic Walks

Once you've attended a Beginner Skills Workshop you'll be able to come along to a 1.5 hour group walk.  This includes:​

  • Nordic/yoga style warm up exercises

  • A scenic group nordic walk with Lizzy on hand to answer your questions and help you to hone your technique.  Lizzy will teach you the more advanced Nordic Walking skills as you go along.  

  • Drills to help you with technique

  • Nordic/yoga style cool down stretches

  • Chance to socialise in the cafe afterwards 

Resources / Links

Check out the British Nordic Walking website to find out more, including links to research into the benefits of Nordic Walking here.


There's more information on the NHS Choices website about the health benefits of Nordic Walking.   

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