Yoga Event Schedule

If you would like to book a space at one of our yoga workshops or retreats it's easy, you can fill out the contact email form or phone Lizzy on 07792 735787.  

You will need to bring your own mat, a cushion (or 2) and a blanket.  Come along wearing plenty of loose comfy layers so that you can easily moderate your body temperature.    

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Power & Chill Yoga

Saturday 5th November - 10am to 12.30pm

Bamford Moore Memorial Hall


Join us on an warming, energising yoga journey where we'll be building heat and then bringing you home to a relaxed body and nourished spirit.  

*  An "hour of power" yoga to burn fat, raise your metabolic rate and build strength

*  Chill-out yin yoga stretches to nourish & restore

*  Deep Yoga Nidra relaxation

*  Option for cacao & chat afterwards


Restorative Yoga Taster Session

Thursday 15th September - 10am to 11.15am

Bamford Moore Memorial Hall


Do you want to dip a tentative toe into a new weekly yoga class ? 


These classes will be mixed ability and beginner friendly and we'll be focussing on:

*  gentle movement and stretching

*  breathing techniques to relax and soothe

*  deep relaxation

Classes will cost £8 and will be run on a block booking basis - we're offering your first taster session at half price.

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Yoga for Menopause - "Birthing the Wise Woman"

Sunday 15th May - 10am to 1pm

Bamford Institute

£30 (tea & snacks included)

It's time to take a meno-PAUSE soul sisters. . . . 

Come out into our stunning Peak District where a warm welcome awaits those of you who are navigating this turbulent time of transition which we call the menopause.

We'll be sharing loads of practical yoga techniques (movement, meditation, breathwork, visualisation, deep relaxation, journalling) to help with some of those FAQs:

*  How do I ride out those pesky hot flushes? 

*  Brain fog ??? ("I can't even remember where I left my HRT patches")

*  Why can't I sleep?

*  What happened to my sex drive?

*  I'm worried about weight gain. . .and osteoporosis . . and joint pain . . and urinary incontinence . . . and mood swings . . . and wierd periods . . and heart palpitations  etc etc etc . . . the list is endless.

Let's explore a different perspective - that menopause can be an opportunity for self-insight and personal growth. A chance to heal emotional pain, make peace with your past and befriend yourself and your body with self compassion.

This workshop is for you if you are at any stage of menopause (early, peri, post) . . . maybe you're dreading its onset, grappling with hot flushes, dealing with meno-rage or simply sailing through and out the other side (what's your secret?).

So, warrior women, it's time to reclaim some control, bust the taboos together, empower ourselves (and each other) and step into our feminine wisdom.


Exploring Meditation

Saturday 23rd April - 9.45am to 12.30pm

Moore Memorial Hall, Bamford

£25 (tea & snacks included)

We invite you to spend a peaceful and reflective morning exploring a range of "kindful" methods to experience the state of relaxed awareness which we believe is everyone's birthright.  With over 30 years of combined experience in yoga and zen meditation, Lizzy and Carl aim to offer a variety of practical meditation skills, qi gong (mindful movement), relaxation and breathing practices that can easily be incorporated into daily life.

No meditation experience needed - this is for you if you're a complete beginner or if you've previously found mindfulness practices a little dry or inaccessible . . . . or if you're an experienced meditator we can explore ways to shake up your practice and go deeper.

Bamford Institute
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